Cookie Policy

1. General

1.1. This Cookie Policy ("Cookie Policy") applies to the website ("Website"), which is operated by Piemonte Puro, having its corporate headquarters at Brusselsesteenweg 491, 9090 Melle, Belgium and with company number BE0661.751.321.

1.2. The Cookie Policy explains which cookies are used when you use the Website. At the top of the Website, you will be invited to agree to the use of cookies as described in this statement. If you do not agree with this Cookie Policy, you should stop any further use of the Website. 

1.3. The use of cookies by Piemonte Puro is within the framework of Piemonte Puro’s general policy regarding the protection of your privacy and the processing of your personal data. You will find further information about this, and an overview of your rights in this context, in our "Privacy policy".

2. What are cookies?

 2.1. "Cookies" are small files that are stored on your device when you visit web pages. They contain information linked to a web browser and the specific website. Cookies consist of two components: the name and the content. They are stored in a specific folder on your hard drive and have a unique ID and duration. When you return to a specific website, the cookie allows that page to identify the visitor and build up its history. Some cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the website. Others remain on your device as long as you do not delete them yourself.

2.2. Cookies are no active, executive software and therefore not harmful to your device. They are also not always of a commercial character. Cookies are used to increase visitor convenience: by identifying visitors with a cookie, they do not have to enter the same data every time, for example login details or screen settings. In addition, cookies are used to monitor the surfing behavior of visitors. Which and how many pages are visited, via which route and for how long does the visitor stay on the website? Based on these results, the website can be adjusted and the interests and needs of the visitors can be anticipated.

3. What types of cookies does the website of Piemonte Puro use?

The Website of Piemonte Puro uses different types of cookies. Below you will find the subdivision of the types of cookies that are used at this moment:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are required in order to visit the Website and use certain features of the Website. For example, these cookies allow you to navigate between the different parts of the Website, or to fill in forms. If you refuse these cookies, certain parts of the Website will not work or will not work in an optimal way.

Functional cookies

The functional cookies are the cookies that make the operation of the Website easier and more enjoyable and ensure that you have a more personalized browsing experience. For example, they are the cookies that remember your language preference, as well as the cookie that keeps track of whether you have already been asked to take part in a survey so that you are not presented with the same survey over and over again.

Performance cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about the way visitors use the Website, such as information about the pages visited or the number of error messages displayed, in order to analyze and improve the use of the Website.

4. Management of cookies

4.1. You can control the cookies on your device by adjusting your browser settings. You can choose to block all cookies or to only accept cookies from certain websites. Blocking cookies may affect your browsing convenience and make your browsing experience less smooth.

5. Modifications 

5.1.Piemonte Puro reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy at any time. It is your responsibility to regularly review the applicable Cookie Policy yourself and to observe the latest version of this policy.